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“These are my
go-to bags!”

My pump, the bottles I use, and nipples are all Medela, so when I had my first child, I only used Medela bags for the first few months. When I went to the store to purchase more one day, they were out of Medela bags so I had to go with Lansinoh bags. I’m glad I did! These bags are great for freezer storage as they store flat (Medela bags do not store as flat so it’s difficult to store them in the freezer without taking up a lot of space). The material is thick so you feel confident when you put your “liquid gold” in the bags. Now that I’m onto my second child, I will not use a different bag than the Lansinoh bags. I want to feel confident that I will not lose any milk when thawing the bags, and Lansinoh has given me that confidence!

KSela9 / Amazon.com

“This was recommended
by a friend.”

This was recommended by a friend, but I didn’t think it was going to be much different than Vaseline. Boy was I wrong. This stuff is AMAZING! It gives IMMEDIATE relief and lasts forever. The best part is that you don’t need to use a lot at all! My nipples are so sore but as soon as I put this on it somehow goes away! The weird thing is that t doesn’t just take away the surface pain it clears some of the “Aching” too. I’m so happy with this! If you find my review helpful please mark it so. Thank you!!

TJ's Wife / Amazon.com

“Good quality,
check for sensitivity”

I’ve purchased this item before in the “ultra soft” these ones are the “stay dry” with honeycomb lining! This product does exactly what it says, stops leaks and stays in place inside your bra pretty well! Unfortunately I have super sensitive nipples and realized that the texture of the honeycomb patterned lining irritated my skin and nipple! Once realized I had the wrong ones, I went to return and got a full refund no problem! I’m very impressed and I really do like their products, just note to self, if you have sensitive skin, get these nursing pads in the ultra soft!!

Audrey N. / Amazon.com

“Amazing product!”

“When I first received the product I opened the box I set everything up it was super easy to set up everything was self-explanatory everything that connected there weren’t too many pieces the bottles came pretty much set up before they were packaged I didn’t have to do much work to get the item set up to be functional the item worked really fast within 10-15 minutes I had a very decent amount of milk left for bottle feeding it worked in a very decent amount of time it didn’t take too long for my body to adjust to a I do understand that’s a personal matter whether you were breasts are able to adjust to the machine although mine took very well and super easy clean up the material was easy take apart able to be cleaned easy all over an amazing product super affordable very convenient I love it.”

Sabrina Parks / Amazon.com

“I never gave this a review and it deserves one.”

“I, like other women, had a lot of trouble breastfeeding. I couldnt feed my baby on my own and I needed help. I had two other breast pumps already. But after doing a lot of research, I knew I needed a more powerful one. This is the pump I chose. It helped me out so much. I ended up ordering more parts and completely stopped using the other pumps because they didnt seem to drain all the milk out. I didnt end up using the app. It could be a good idea to some mothers, but it didnt benefit me personally.
This pump is also so so soooooo easy to clean compared to others.”

Remedy do da / Amazon.com

“The Only Bottle My Exclusively Breastfed Baby Would Take.”

“I exclusively breastfed my baby while on maternity leave and at the 2-month mark introduced her to the bottle my older 3 kids used. No luck. From that point on we tried Medela bottles, Evenflo Classic, Baby Brezza, Nuk Simply Natural, Dr. Brown Original, and Philips Avent bottles. She rejected every one time after time, attempt after attempt. She would starve herself when I was at work…up to 14 hours. That lasted for 1 month after I went back to work…that is…until I purchased these Lansinoh baby bottles!! I figured I was already using their nursing pads and breastmilk bags, maybe their bottles would work for my picky baby.”

Remedy do da / Amazon.com